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Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy of this journal follows the policy of the publisher, DocuHut Co., Ltd.

Private information handled at DocuHut is collected, possessed and processed on the basis of relevant laws as well as an agreement with the information owner. With the Privacy Protection Act for Public Organizations that provides a general foundation in dealing with individuals’ privacy, DocuHut will observe the law to collect, possess, and process private data in the manner of conducting public affairs faithfully and preserving the rights of people.

The DocuHut also will lawfully respects people’s rights, including the right to request to view and make corrections to their private information retained by DocuHut. People are entitled to file an administrative lawsuit in accordance with the Administrative Judgement Law, if there is any infringement of their legal rights.

The Policy contains two parts: the Privacy for Website Users, which intends to protect private data handled over all websites operated by DocuHut, and the Computerized Private Data, which is necessary for DocuHut to implement its missions and tasks.

Privacy Protection over DocuHut Websites

This section explains how privacy policy works over websites operated by DocuHut (“DocuHut Website”). The following applies to DocuHut Website.

Auto-collected and saved private information

When you access any DocuHut Website, the following information may be automatically collected and saved:

    • The user’s Internet address, browser type and OS
    • The addresses of pages visited by the user within the website;
    • The times of visits; and others.

Please note that such auto-collected information may be used to provide statistics to improve the content and services of the Websites, facilitate communication with users, and respond to security events, and that such information may be submitted to law enforcement according to legislation or regulation.

Data collected through e-mails and web forms

Users are eligible to express their opinions via mail, phone, or electronic measures, such as an online posting. When you choose one of these methods, please remember that:
  • Users other than you can view your online feedback;
  • Your feedback may be shared with others based on related laws, or used to execute regulations and develop policies ; and
  • Your opinions may be disclosed or provided to other organizations, if necessary. Despite our concerted efforts to manage and control the security of the Websites, please use caution when including any sensitive information in your online feedback.

Security measures available on the Websites

In order to offer uninterrupted security and online service, DocuHut monitors network traffic and runs many programs to detect any outside disturbances, such as any illegal modification of content.

Web page links

When you are transferred to an external website or page after clicking on a link or banner on one of the Websites, please ensure that you view the privacy policy of the destination, since you are no longer subject to our Privacy Policy.

Access to others' private information while using the Websites

On all of the Websites, you must not obtain any personally identifiable information of others, including email addresses. Anyone who viewed or was offered such information through an illegal manner will be punished in observance with Article 23 (Penalty) of the Privacy Protection Act for Public Organizations.

Computerized Private Data

Collection and Retention of Private Data

The personal information collected and how to collect the items
DocuHut for the, Customer Service, Customer Service and personal information such as the following is collected.

Name, affiliation, email, working phone number, mobile phone number, login ID, password, member society, work address, professional career, current position, specialty and registration and attendance information for events hosted by DocuHut. In addition, service or business process information in the process created by the following information may be collected.

Service use recording, Connection log, access IP information and cookies

DocuHut is fully committed to protecting individual privacy by processing personal information in observance with relevant laws.

Limits to the supply of and access to private information

In contrast to general administrative information, personal data collected and retained by DocuHut is strictly limited in its usage and supply. In regard to such information, Article 10 of the Privacy Protection Act for Public Organizations stipulates that:

Private information files will not be provided for purposes other than mentioned herein with the exception that they are lawfully allowed to be used and offered by insiders and outsiders of the organization according to other legal foundations.